For two sessions a week you will work on the Numeracy components of visual arts tasks, with targeted support. You will develop the essential skills used by an artist or designer, such as using measurement and ratio to design a 3D object, costing and pricing artworks and products for sale, cash handling, conducting market research for effective product development and more. In addition, you will learn essential life skills such as how to apply for a loan and calculate interest, how to do your income tax, how to manage a budget.

In this subject you will learn to design and develop products using a range of digital and hand techniques. You will research how artists and designers have undertaken creative enterprise in their practice and learn how to design sellable products based on your own artworks. You will then have the opportunity to merchandise and sell your products at Couchfest.

You will attend weekly workshops, which each run for a full day. These are guided technical sessions in photography, painting and mixed media, designed to improve your understanding and application of tools and materials as well as key artistic concepts. You will work with and learn from professional artists and designers in a range of settings. In addition, you will undertake an extensive collaborative project, working with other students to develop and realise a shared vision.

In Studio Practice, you will conduct independent artistic investigations in two and three dimensions, recording your processes in a visual diary. You will research and learn from artists and designers that inspire you. You will have plenty of time to develop your own ideas, experiment with your preferred materials and begin to realise your potential. Your teachers will mentor and support you through the design process and help you develop strong creative and critical thinking skills. You will broaden your knowledge of the art world by visiting exhibitions and galleries and learning to write informed reviews. You will have several opportunities to exhibit of your own work, including a major exhibition at the end of the year.

The Numeracy program supports the projects within Art Immersion and it aims to develop Numeracy competence which prepares students for their respective areas of their chosen VET subjects.

The Assessment tasks in unit 1 Numeracy are designed for students completing a VET in the VCAL Art Program. The tasks and activities completed in unit 1 are general numerical skills that will be applied to the couch fest project and also every day practical skills required in the workplace and for everyday activities in life. Student will complete all the investigations, worksheets and on line activities. Students should be able to design to scale and measure their selling space, calculate how to make a profit, and handle money. For everyday skills, student’s complete activities on interpreting, and calculating income Tax, interest on loans, saving accounts and credit cards, and interpreting and designing timetables for an event.