2306VIC Certificate IV in Musical Instrument Making and Repair

This subjects aims to give students the basis with which they could successfully plan to operate a small business. The students will use templates to create a business plan and financial plan for a small business based organisation.

Several supporting activities will provide students with the opportunity to develop understanding and content that will feed directly into the plans. Topic areas covered will be:

  • Business Planning
  • Market Research & Marketing
  • Future
  • Product Development
  • Environmental & Sustainability Analysis
  • OHS & Legal requirements
  • Financial Planning and Competitor Analysis.

This course is focused on the study of Computer Aided Design, (CAD) and its use within the Musical Instrument Design and Mechanical Drawing Industries.
Students develop the basic knowledge and skills used in Solidworks, to apply design principles and processes and complete design briefs that are applicable to Musical Instrument Making and Repair.

This includes communicating ideas graphically, digitally and using freehand sketching.

  • Graphics standards and conventions.
  • Hand drawn and technical drawing techniques.
  • Design and production of graphical solutions in both 2D and 3D. 

Knowledge and skills development in the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD).

  • Overview of CAD and software including CAM.
  • Designing and drawing in CAD to meet design briefs.
  • Australian Standards and conventions.
  • Transference of 2D drawings to 3D objects in CAD.
  • Presenting multiple views and detail in drawings.
  • Dimensioning production drawings for manufacturing.
  • File formats used in computer aided manufacturing.
  • Computer Aided Machining of Templates.

This course familiarises student with basic design and drawing principles as applied to Instrument making. Students will complete exercises in digital and analogue drawing as well as design activities and photographic techniques. The subject also outlines some of the major historical developments of guitars.

The early part of the corse is designed to give students the necessary skills to complete more complex design tasks to develop a related design range of instruments. This will include some photographic editing techniques, enabling students to present themselves professionally in print and online delivery.

Towards the completion of the course, students will be expected to produce full scale working production drawings of a custom designed instrument.

Core Units