The purpose of your review is to give you (and us) an opportunity to look at what you have done so far this year as a body of work. This is a great opportunity for you to see how far you have come and to begin to identify your personal style and your strengths and areas for extension.

 Review is informal by nature and should not cause stress or anxiety. It is not about comparing each other’s work, but rather about mutual support and collaboration.

 As part of the review process, you will be required to complete a self-reflection and be involved in a peer critique process. You will also have a chance to informally look at all student work. Review is also used as a tool for portfolio based assessment, whereby staff look at your body of work for evidence of required skills and techniques and information.

 It is important that you bring to review all work including any work that is still in progress to assist us in this process. 


You will be allocated with a table to lay your artworks out in C1, C2, C5 or C7. Your area will be labelled with your nametag. Space is at a premium so it may be a little crowded. Large drawings can be stacked with newsprint between each if necessary or pinned/blue tacked to the front of your table. You are welcome to bring props such as plate stands/table easels to assist in presenting the work efficiently.


You will be required to present all completed artwork (as listed on the tick sheet) for Studio, Digital, Art in Context, a printed digital selection of Life drawings and your artist journal. You are also welcome to bring a sample of other work that you do in your home practice. 

Please refer to the Mid-Review tick sheet for specific details on required work. Check to see if any of the work required is on display and if so, collect in the week leading up to review. Organise in advance to drive/get a lift as you will have a surprising amount of work to transport.